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Welcome on the official website of

Eva Jansa.


Welcome on the official website of Eva Jansa.


Introducing Eva Jansa MSc., a renowned artist and designer possessing a strong academic foundation. Eva's creative path commenced at ŠUV in Kosice, Slovakia, where she specialized in Ceramic Art. She broadened her knowledge by pursuing Art and Product Design at STU Bratislava, Slovakia, and exploring Smart Design at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom.



In Jansa's thought-provoking sculpture, Yonis (stucco relief), the symbol of the vulva serves as a powerful catalyst for reflection on social themes like gender equality. Jansa meticulously crafts the symbol, striving for authenticity to create a potent image that leaves no room for doubt in its representation. By doing so, she aims to capture the essence of the female figure, her energy, and her power to assert her presence in society and the world.


Vulva art-therapy

Empowering Women through Storytelling and Painting of Yonits

Acrylic Workshop

Discover the Art of Well-being: Join me for an Acrylic Workshop!

Oil Painting Art Course

Join me for an Unforgettable Oil Painting Art Course!


A place to escape

Glamping event in Slovakia
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